Hi, Iā€™m Jeffrey Yun, an ambitious and curious human passionate about Algorithm Design, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.

I love working on complex and challenging problems. My deep learning research experience has included computer vision and reinforcement learning. I enjoy applying my programming skills to the design and implementation of many kinds of exciting projects, from hackathon prototypes to industry ML pipelines.

Personal Mission

My mission is to make progress on challenging technical problems. I envision applying my computational problem solving abilities and programming skills to, together with creative and passionate individuals, develop and implement innovative ideas and solutions.

In addition to taking part in technological innovation, I hope to inspire individuals from similar backgrounds, to encourage them to believe in their dreams and visions regardless of their background or competition or self-doubts. It really inspires me to see individuals challenge themselves and believe in their abilities to accept challenges and overcome obstacles.

In summary, I just want to help advance the fields which I am passionate about and inspire people in the process. :)

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